Travian, developed by the German software company Travian games, is one of the most popular browser games in the world. A player in Travian builds his own empire, recruits a mighty army and fights with his allies for game world hegemony.

The original version of the game is in German, and there are three English versions. Travian has also been translated into more than 40 other languages and has over 5 million players and over 300 servers worldwide! In 2006, it won the Superbrowsergame Award, in the large games category.

Every player in Travian is the leader of a small village and can be a Roman, a Gaul or a Teuton. In the village, there are two people and one building, called the Main Building, around which there are spaces to construct further buildings.

The ultimate goal of the game is to construct and upgrade a Wonder of the World to level 100. A player needs a construction plan in order to be able to construct a World Wonder and can obtain these plans from Natars, a vicious tribe controlled by the computer.

There is also a ranking system that determines the players’ rank from raiding, attacking, defending and building. Players can earn medals by taking a top 10 place in the ranks.