Using a website translation service for your website or mobile site is no doubt your fastest and cheapest solution to reach customers globally. Maintaining a translated website written in several foreign languages and keeping it up to date is a commitment.  Having a good website strategy in place will make your business rewarding: a multilingual website is an essential step to widening your world audience and entice prospective customers to contact you.

At SanTranslate:

  • we believe in a friendly, efficient and timely service;
  • we will tailor our translation to match your corporate image and tone it appropriately for your website;
  • we specialise not only in Latin languages, but also in far eastern and middle eastern languages;
  • we welcome any formats and will plan the timeline and testing for you;
  • we offer full customer support and you can choose a series of robust checks to ensure your website is launched successfully.

A well translated site is the key to the conversion rates that ultimately boost your profits. SanTranslate provides an efficient and customised website translation service that will uncover the full potential of your business. We make sure that for website translation service the translation contains all the technical details of the source text and you can even upgrade your service to ensure that it is a keyword driven site for your SEO campaign. We offer the world’s most popular languages (ArabicChineseEnglishFrenchGermanSpanish) and languages and dialects that are less common (AmharicBulgarianHebrewIgboLithuanianZulu, etc.). You can find the full list of languages on our languages page.