The New Marketing Translation Challenge

Transcreation is a buzzword often heard in the translation industry nowadays. It is derived from the words ‘translation’ and ‘creation’ and refers to the re-writing of a text in a foreign language by taking a concept in one language and completely recreating it in another.

Transcreated content must reflect local culture to have maximum impact. It is not so much applicable to legal or technical translation where accuracy is very important, but it can be used for marketing translation. It’s also referred to as ‘creative translation’, ‘cross-market copywriting', ‘international copy adaptation’, ‘internationalisation’, ‘localisation’ or cultural adaptation’, amongst others.

The aim of transcreation is in avoiding culture shocks – a perceived lack of respect of people’s roots, local values, beliefs and cultures may have a negative impact on consumers, which could in turn damage an international brand’s reputation. Since emotional connections can contain many cultural references, it is important to consider this when devising campaigns; in some cases slogans or tag lines can be so deeply rooted in the local culture of a certain country that they cannot be translated literally. Localisation therefore becomes necessary. Transcreation can be seen as a compromise between literally translating and developing a new market specific campaign, not only by adapting the language, but also by adjusting the message according to cultural relevance.

Today, people interact with documents in varying formats, from XML, PHP, HTML and MS Office documents to PDFs. Whatever format you choose to work with, we at SanTranslate consider it our role to provide you with a translation service that is based around your working habits. We are experienced in providing a customised service to fit your target audience as well as making your material highly searchable online, allowing your business messages to spread quickly.

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