The Yale University Press has recently introduced an online component as an integration to Margellos World Republic of Letters, an initiative aimed at drawing attention to both contemporary and canonical literary translated works.

In addition to book titles, the site includes interviews, excerpts and news dealing with translated works and even a way for users to engage on Twitter through the hashtag wrlbooks.

This initiative is a positive exception in the US, since most major American publishing houses cannot keep up with the time and cost of translation and lack the linguistic ability to assess foreign works. As a consequence, foreign literature struggles to enter the American market.

The World Republic of Letters is a smart, fresh online project which deserves recognition because translation is a vital part of engaging with the wider world. As the acclaimed translator Edith Grossman wrote in her book Why Translation Matters: "The free, essential exchange of literary ideas, insights and intuitions - a basic reciprocity of thought facilitated and enhanced by the translation of works from other cultures - is a decisively significant, even defining phenomenon."