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GreenBulb and MakiBox

GreenBulb is an innovative company that was created in 2004. Their mission is to turn ideas into marketable possibilities and change the technologies consumed in daily life. Its founder is Elton Leung, who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master of Computer Science from the City University of Hong Kong. The GreenBulb Team is passionate about clever designs, hi-tech & lo-tech gadgets, smart solutions and photography among many other things.

GreenBulb is now supporting an interesting project for a 3D printer called MakiBox, so that some of the prototypes can be made in house. This project is being advertised on Makible, a fund raising site specialising in manufacturing and distribution. Makible guarantees that successfully funded projects will be made in a sustainable and responsible manner, that supporters will receive their funded products according to the arranged deadlines or they will be refunded and that profit will be fairly shared with the makers.

The MakiBox A6 is able to print out something that is 1/4 the size of the printer itself, but it is still only the size of a sheet of paper. We have already blogged about Additive Manufacturing, and MakiBox is a step forward in its development. It can be a useful tool for makers, designers, students, engineers and anyone that wants to make things they can’t find in a store.

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Lack of Funding – Use Social Power!

Do you have a whimsical idea or a project you would like to carry out? Get the word out! Today the Internet and the social networks have incredible communication power. We have found two interesting websites, IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, to help you do just this.

IndieGoGo is a global fund raising platform founded in 2008, where you can create a campaign to raise money quickly and securely.

Anybody with an idea (creative, cause-related or entrepreneurial) can create a campaign and offer perks or tax reductions to their contributors. Each campaign has the opportunity to be featured on the IndieGoGo homepage, placed in the press or exposed via social media.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects only. Projects on Kickstarter are not open-ended or charity-related; they must have a clear goal, such as producing an album, a book or a work of art. Starting a business, for example, does not qualify as a project. It’s a great platform for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, explorers, curators and performers to bring their projects, events and dreams to life.

Starting a project is very exciting, but it also involves some risks. Make sure you consider these risks. For example, making sure you hold the patent in the relevant countries so that you can launch your project soon after the funds have been collected is critical for product related projects.

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Mega Buses – China’s Answer to Traffic Problems

According to the BBC, China is the world’s biggest market for cars. In the mid-80s, the country only produced a few thousand cars, and hardly anyone had one. Now, it is the world’s largest producer of cars and the world’s largest consumer. Last year in China, 18 million vehicles were sold, over 5 million than in the US.

This trend might be good news to the automakers, but it also leads to quite a big downside: a massive rise in traffic. However, the ever expanding urban population needs to keep moving, so fortunately the Chinese government does have a solution. Building mega buses could be the way forward.

The 3D Fast Bus from the Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Company is an example of this solution. This huge prototype can carry up to 1,000 passengers, but its most innovative feature is its design. It skips traffic problems by straddling the road, allowing it to cruise over traffic congestion or allowing traffic to flow underneath it when it is stopped. Passengers ride in a cabin 5m above the ground, on wheels supported on streamlined stilts.

Designers of the 3D Fast Bus say the electric bus could reduce gridlocked traffic by up to 30% and cost only 10% of the price of an underground transportation system to build.

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